Il Moro ristorante in Monza was founded in 1996 and in 2007 was taken over byIButticè, a brand of the family composed of three brothers, Antonella, Salvatore and Vincenzo.

In the center of Monza the atmosphere of Il Moro Restaurant: “how is more important than what” every guest must be put at ease, with naturalness, spontaneity and with the continuous translation of one of the founding values of @ibuttice “the innate Sicilian hospitality”.

The Il Moro Ristorante Team

Antonella Butticè, coordinates the team composed by Marzia Hoxha, Lorenzo Brigatti and Matteo Vatta. the guest is at the center of attention and with an impeccable and attentive service respond to the specific needs of the customer and fully meet the needs. The dining room staff is distinguished by elegance and sobriety.

The chefs Salvatore Butticè and Vincenzo Butticè, coordinate the kitchen team. According to the vision of @Ibuttice the kitchen must enslave, enhance and showcase the ingredient from a nutritional, organoleptic and aesthetic point of view. The selection of ingredients follows the principle of Italian biodiversity with the criteria of seasonality and therefore sustainability.

The kitchen, the dining room and the cellar

The cuisine of @Ibuttice must be easily intelligible. The recipes and dishes are designed to stimulate all the senses simultaneously in a continuous and elegant way and in a clear fine dining style.

The room, linear and contemporary, welcomes 28 guests, the environment is embellished both by the temporary exhibition curated by Leogalleries, at this time we exhibit works by the Sicilian Futurist Giulio D’Anna, and by furnishing accessories of the ceramist school of Caltagirone.

The winery , synthesis of the Italian territory with orientation towards native grapes, a clear expression towards Sicily with a pinch of parochialism and one towards Lombardy to dedicate the territory where we operate. Some wines represent French and European Maisons.

Il Mare in giardino
Antonella Butticè

The table is set with hospitality, dedication and attention. The movements and gestures, light and elegant, are aimed at making the guest feel good. To eat with gusto, you need to stay and feel good. The value of serving lies in the satisfaction of the guest, his smile at the end of lunch or dinner is the greatest gratification one can receive. Choosing, proposing and recommending a wine is very exciting, it means travelling, visiting vineyards and talking to winemakers, because "when you drink a good wine you remember a territory"

Salvatore Butticè

The kitchen has become his world, in one puff he sees the enthralling and bewitching explosion. With infinite curiosity he is looking for new balances. With balanced and fresh cuisine and pastry, he interprets a contemporary Italy that winks at Sicily, his native land. The ingredients of the dish and their transformation have the great advantage of giving the guest a multi-sensory experience. Values ​​such as: biodiversity, seasonality and eco-sustainability are the cornerstones of his dishes.

Vincenzo Butticè

The restaurant is his world, cooks and waiters are born. The dish must be empathic, clear and direct. The inspiring muses are biodiversity and Italian gastronomy with a clear Sicilian influence. Con-temporaneity must translate tradition and the present, balance is the value. The guest is the King of the table and when he is at home he delegates us to his happiness, making guests happy is the truth of the Moro. People working synergistically, in the dining room and in the kitchen, make all of this possible.

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