The couple’s life every year reaches a significant goal, sharing, complicity, and are an indelible symbol of the love relationship.

The wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate, and there can be many ways to celebrate.

A mini honeymoon, a dinner at home with dedicated specialized staff or a big party.

Il Moro Eventi, Banqueting & consulting, when it assumes responsibility for planning and organizing a wedding anniversary , adopts two temporal concepts:

  1. the past – reproducing part of the anniversary ceremony elements characterizing the wedding, such as floral arrangement, or the same location or the wedding cake;
  2. The future: celebrating the wedding anniversary by projecting the couple into a personalized futuristic dimension of the whole event, enriching the ceremony with augmented reality context.
  1. Paper wedding anniversary (1 year)
  2. Aluminium wedding anniversary (10 years)

This important anniversary symbolizes the flexibility necessary to be able to live together and maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.

  1. Porcelain wedding anniversary (20 years)

This Anniversary serves to remind spouses of the need to give continuous attention and love to the person next to them in order to continue their journey in life.

  1. Pearl wedding anniversary (30 years)

The pearl wedding, a moment of infinite joy to celebrate with your children and loved ones.

The pearl symbolizes rarity, durability and happiness.

  1. Ruby wedding anniversary (40 years)

A precious opportunity not to be missed are the ruby wedding with which we celebrate the incessant passion of the spouses after 40 years together. The this occasion the red color is almost obligatory

  1. Golden wedding anniversary (50 years)

Strength, constancy and harmony, with the golden wedding anniversary celebrate these values represented by example and love by the couple who shared together a journey along half a century.




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