Vini Il Moro Ristorante


The consideration we have of wine is so high that to think of it as a drink or a food would be a sacrilege.

The company that makes wine is unique, it makes moments important, immortalizes them, ignites feelings and passions, calms souls, a good life partner.

Wine is a central cultural and artisanal element in Italian culture and beyond. Wine is drunk, tasted, tasted, wine tells of the people who take care of it starting from grapes, soils, harvests. In Stadi sul cammino della vita (Kierkegaard) memory is associated with wine, memory “the bottling of memory must preserve the scent of experience”. It tells of the care and dedication of those who take care of it, tells us about the passions and emotional state of those who produce it.

Wine is truth, and truth lies mainly in its spirit, in its volatility, in its distillation. Spirit is ingenuity, wit, intellect.

The spirit (even if the wine does not undergo the process of vaporization and condensation) that makes you witty, as well as salt makes you tasty!

The selection of Antonella Butticè

The cellar is personally followed by our Sommelier Antonella, the wine list is divided into several sections.

The section of the glass serves consists of 8 types of wine from bubbles to red wines.

The section of the paper dedicated to bubbles mainly Italian and French. Italian sparkling wines, Lombardy is the master with Franciacorta, classic method and charmat method.

A chapter in itself the champagnes with 11 maisons present on the menu.

The choice of white wines allows a viggio in almost all Italian regions, with particular reference to Lombardy and Sicily.

A touch French we also find it in the still wines from the Loire to Burgundy.

The reds are represented by 10 Italian regions, such as Piedmont, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige, Sicily etc.

A separate chapter is the section of dessert wines, mainly Italian with some interesting references to French dessert wines.