For the peasant the feminine beauty had to be compared to the cassata, “a woman who looks like a cassata”, showy, with beautiful colors” …. while for the zolfataro “a woman who can be drunk in a glass of water” … a transparent beauty
“The Master’s trait. An interview with Leonardo Sciascia”

Dedication to our land: pistachio and cherries 1-3-5-7-8 € 11,00
Pear declinations 3-5-6-7 € 11,00
The cassata, from the Latin caseus and the Arabic quas’at 1-3-7-8 € 10,00
Sicilian cannoli 1-3-7-8 € 8,50

The numbers from 1 to 14 identify allergenic foods; should you need them, please do not hesitate to ask for explanatory legends. The chef advises against the consumption of raw fish by pregnant women, children and people with flu symptoms.

Menus and a la carte dishes are seasonal; ingredients can be bought frozen or fresh and processed by us at negative temperatures.
Fish served raw or uncooked, if purchased fresh, is either placed in the blast chiller, as prescribed by law, or purchased already at negative temperatures.

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