WORK WITH US – Recruiting

Senior Professionals

Joining the staff of Il Moro Ristorante de “IButticè sulu cosi di piaciri e sapuriti” means entering a world where the search for content, the discovery and enhancement of Italian biodiversity are founding nuclei. Human resources with professional curricula in line with the standards and objectives of Il Moro are always considered a great and valuable added value. The translation of the vision of IButticè, the must of Ristorante il Moro, wants to enrich itself with know-how, skills and dynamic, energetic and exclusive visions. Il Moro restaurant enhances human resources by motivating them and giving them both economic and professional awards in line with the particular attitudes of the person and with a sensitive attention to the reconciliation of work time with private and personal time.

Junior Professionals

Il Moro ristorante has always put young people at the center of the project. The policies reserved for young people under 25 are structurally of two types, one dedicated to human resources that makes the restaurant career a must and in this case benefits are provided in terms of ad hoc specialization courses organized by the best schools of higher professional training or alternatively with company detachments agreed at catering and hotel companies of high prestige both national and international. The second type of young people who become part of the Il Moro Family, who by choice are more oriented to the discovery of the national territory in a self-taught way, the benefits and rewards will be oriented towards food and wine trips with sensory experiences included to be done at restaurants recognized by national and international critics.


For students attending professional institutes for food and wine, whether state or equal, or regional vocational training centers, during their dual path (company / school) will be recognized in addition to the regular due reward in terms of travel (for two people) prize in two of the most important cities in Italy and for the most deserving in one of the capitals of Europe.

For dual apprentices who at the end of the course decide to continue for at least 36 months to collaborate in the staff of Il Moro restaurant:

  • pastry profile – 15 days of training with company secondment (5 every year) with one of the best Pastry chefs in Italy
  • Kitchen profile – 15 days of training with company secondment (5 each year) with a chef with at least 1 Michelin star
  • Room profile – 15 days of training with company secondment (5 for each year) with a maitre d’ restaurant with at least 1 Michelin star
  • Sommellerie profile – 15 days of training with company secondment (5 for each year) with a Restaurant Sommelier with at least 1 Michelin star